Below you will find links to websites with resources to support families

Inside Out Care
Education, training, and real-life advice from families and experts on feeding tubes

Seattle Feeding Parents Support Group
Support group for parents of children with feeding issues

Ages and Stages® website
Resources for feeding therapists

Children's Disabilities
Articles and resources for parents for children with disabilities
Articles and book reviews on growth and feeding issues

Feeding Matters
Education, advocacy, treatment & research for identifying and supporting children who struggle with eating

Resources for videos, books, and products to support mealtimes, including homemade blended formula, and turning tubefeedings into mealtimes

Children with Special Healthcare Needs in Washington State
Information about nutrition professionals, nutrition needs of children with special health care needs, and nutrition resources can be found here

Food for Tubies
Online forum promoting the use of real food for adults and parents of children with feeding tubes

Interactive Autism Network
Contains article addressing feeding problems in children with autism"

Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Resource and article on mealtimes for children on the autism spectrum

Autism Speaks Network
Resource and articles on picky eaters and autism